Blessings ~ Gyatrul Rinpoche

The lamas’ blessings are not on any schedule. They give their blessings inconceivably and continuously in whatever way might benefit us. We need to study and practice so that our minds are open to that blessing on every level, outer, inner, and secret. If we are never willing to give up our negative habits, our minds will not be able to open. Please, everyone, try to appreciate more and more deeply what the lamas have given us. ‘Appreciate’ doesn’t mean saying, “Wow! Now I am really special-see what the lamas gave me? I don’t know if they gave anything to anyone else, but I got my own special thing.” Don’t be that stupid. To ‘appreciate’ blessings means to internalize them, letting them mingle with your mind. Then your faith will deepen and you will become more humble. Slowly as your negative habits subside, your qualities will blaze forth of their own accord, not because you are boasting or showing them off to everybody. That is how we should show our appreciation for all the lamas’ blessings. Everybody, please try sincerely to practice in this way.

Gyatrul Rinpoche

On Outer, Inner, and Secret Blessings


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