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There is always something that makes me sad ~ Gendun Choepel

When looked at, the marvels of the world seem pleasing. When attained, each has its own suffering. After moments of brief happiness become but a dream, There is always something that makes me sad. Gendun Choepel

Infallibility ~ Gendun Choepel

One may think: “We concede that our decisions are unreliable, but when we follow the decisions of the Buddha, we are infallible.” Then who decided that the Buddha is infallible? If you say, “The great scholars and adepts like Nagarjuna decided that he is infallible,” then who decided that Nagarjuna is infallible? If you say, […]

What is and is not ~ Gendun Choepel

All of our decisions about what is and is not are just decisions made in accordance with how it appears to our mind; they have no other basis whatsoever. Therefore, when we ask, “Does it exist or not?” and the other person answers, “It exists,” in fact, we are asking, “Does this appear to your […]

Without dharma ~ Gendun Choepel

Without sleep the night is long, Without rest the journey is long, Without knowledge of the best dharma, For those children, existence is long. Gendun Choepel