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The state of evenness ~ Longchenpa

When unwanted things befall you, Rid yourself of your displeasure. For if there is a remedy, What need is there for it? And if no change is possible, What point is there in useless irritation? Therefore simply bear with all that may befall you. When examined, there is only space-like emptiness. There’s no happiness or […]

So amazing ~ Longchenpa

In the experience of yogis who do not perceive things dualistically, the fact that things manifest without truly existing is so amazing that they burst into laughter. Longchenpa

Mind is inconceivable ~ Longchenpa

The mind does seem to be and yet lacks real existence. When searched for, it’s not found; When looked for, it’s not seen. No color does it have, no shape; it cannot be identified. Not outside or within; throughout the triple time, It is not born, it does not cease. And it is not located […]

The enlightened mind ~ Longchenpa

The enlightened mind Is without coming or departing. It is neither outside nor within. Transcending thought, it has no partiality. It is ultimate reality, unlimited and unconfined, Wherein there is no wide or narrow And no high or low. So set aside all anxious search for it. Longchenpa

Relying on someone who is better than you ~ Longchenpa

From the very first step on the path right now, all the way until you have reached the final end, it is of vital importance to rely on someone who is better than yourself. This is in order to direct your mind towards the spiritual practice of past masters and to raise your own level […]

Natural Perfection ~ Longchenpa

Ho! The atiyoga of natural perfection! Dzogchen Ati! The Great Perfection, in its unbiased inclusivity, actualizes the meaning of self-sprung awareness; as the lion overawes all other beasts with his roar, so the language of Great Perfection commands the gradual approaches; speaking a tongue of its own, it engenders its own ultimate meaning. The land […]

Heart Advice ~ Longchenpa

So stay right here, you lucky people, let go and be happy in the natural state. Let your complicated life and everyday confusion alone and out of quietude, doing nothing, watch the nature of mind. This piece of advice is from the bottom of my heart: fully engage in contemplation and understanding is born; cherish […]

Indications of excellent and poor gurus ~ Longchenpa

Six things are taught to be indications of excellent gurus: If those who rely on gurus are inspired and turn toward the dharma, this is an indication that, through spiritual accomplishment, these gurus have amassed clouds of blessings. If gurus encourage students to practice and their students in turn display many positive qualities, this is […]

At all times and in every situation ~ Longchenpa

In short, at all times and in every situation, make sure that whatever you do turns into the sacred dharma and dedicate every virtuous action toward enlightenment. By doing so, you will fulfill your guru’s wishes and be of service to the Buddha’s dharma; you will repay your parents’ kindness and spontaneously accomplish the benefit […]

Undistracted presence of mind ~ Longchenpa

Within the vastness of spontaneous self-knowing, let be freely, uncontrived and free of fabrication. Whatever thoughts arise, be sure to recognize your nature so that they all dissolve as the play of dharmata. Even though you practice in such a way that there is not even as much as a hair tip of a concrete […]

Unless you mingle your mind with the dharma ~ Longchenpa

In short, unless you mingle your mind with the dharma, it is pointless to merely sport a spiritual veneer. Keep to the bare necessities for sustaining your life and warding off the bitter cold; reflect on the fact that nothing else is really needed. Practice guru yoga and supplicate one-pointedly. Direct every spiritual practice you […]

Being in harmony with the dharma ~ Longchenpa

The categories of teachings are endless. The entrance doors to the vehicles are innumerable. The words to be explained are extensive. Even if you succeed in memorizing millions of volumes of dharma scriptures, unless you are able to practice the essential meaning, you can never be sure that they will help you at the moment […]

Pursue the lasting goal ~ Longchenpa

At present we have achieved the perfect human body of freedoms and riches. We have met the precious teachings of the greater vehicle. We now have the independence to genuinely apply the sacred dharma, so do not squander your life on pointless things. Instead, pursue the lasting goal. Longchenpa

Shouldering the Mahayana teachings ~ Longchenpa

You must tame your own shortcomings and cultivate impartial pure perception, for a biased attitude will not let you shoulder the Mahayana teachings. Since all the sentient beings among the six classes in the three realms have without exception been your own parents, unless you make pure aspirations with ceaseless compassion and bodhicitta, you cannot […]

Unlocking the treasury of altruism ~ Longchenpa

Unless we make pure prayers of aspiration with unceasing compassion and bodhicitta, in the knowledge that there is not a single being among the three realms or the six classes who has not been our mother or father in the past, we will not unlock the treasury of altruism. Longchenpa

Restricting ourselves ~ Longchenpa

Restricting ourselves to only basic sustenance and shelter, let us regard everything else as unnecessary. Longchenpa

Attuned to the Dharma ~ Longchenpa

There are infinite categories of teaching and countless are the ways to enter the vehicles. Explanations can involve a great many words and expressions. Unless we can take to heart the essence of the genuine meaning, then even committing many hundreds of thousands of volumes to memory will not decidedly bring benefit at the moment […]

Adopting an attitude of not needing anything ~ Longchenpa

Unless we limit our desires from within by adopting an attitude of not needing anything at all, then even mastery over a thousand worlds will bring no real satisfaction. Longchenpa

The play of illusion ~ Longchenpa

Without the slightest trace of anything to cultivate or focus upon in meditation, don’t allow yourself to drift even for a single instant into ordinary confusion. Instead, remain aware and undistracted during all activities, and train to recognize all sights and sounds and sensory experience as the play of illusion. In so doing, you will […]

Preparing for the uncertainty of the time of death ~ Longchenpa

Should we fail to prepare for the uncertainty of the time of death, we will not accomplish the great purpose, that which we will surely need when we die. Longchenpa