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Nothing to remove, nothing to add ~ Maitreya

Therein is nothing to remove And thereto not the slightest thing to add. The perfect truth viewed perfectly And perfectly beheld is liberation. Maitreya

A mere indescribable luminosity ~ Maitreya

If what appears to be apprehended does not exist by its very own essence apart from that which apprehends it, then what appears to be the apprehender does not exist either. The reason, here, is that the apprehender exists in relation to the apprehended, not in isolation. Therefore, awareness is devoid of both apprehender and […]

Ultimate refuge ~ Maitreya

On an ultimate level The only refuge is the buddha. The Muni embodies the dharma, And is thus the culmination of the sangha. Maitreya

Why all beings possess buddha nature ~ Maitreya

Because the perfect buddhas’s kaya is all-pervading, Because reality is undifferentiated, And because they possess the potential, Beings always have the buddha nature. Maitreya

Afflictive and cognitive obscuration ~ Maitreya

Any thought such as miserliness and so on Is held to be an afflictive obscuration. Any thought of ‘subject’, ‘object’ and ‘action’ Is held to be a cognitive obscuration. Maitreya

Joyless samsara ~ Maitreya

Just as there can be no pleasant fragrance in a cesspit There is no joy among the five classes of beings. Maitreya

Sentient beings, bodhisattvas and buddhas ~ Maitreya

According to the phases of impure, Partially pure and completely pure, We speak of sentient beings, bodhisattvas And the thus-gone buddhas. Maitreya

Suffering, causes, cessation and path ~ Maitreya

Illness must be understood, its causes eliminated, Wellbeing must be attained, and medicine taken. Likewise, suffering, its causes, their cessation and the path Must in turn be understood, eliminated, realized and relied upon. Maitreya

Inseparability ~ Maitreya

The disposition is empty of the adventitious stains, Which are characterized by their total separateness. But it is not empty of the unsurpassed qualities, Which have the character of total inseparability. Maitreya