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Entering the Dharma Gate ~ Milarepa

Though grief in the Ocean of Samsara Is preached, and its renunciation is urged, Few people are really convinced And renounce it with determination. Though knowing that life will ever turn to death, Few feel uneasy, or think that it will end. Though their life is blessed with good prospects, Few can practice abstention for […]

Without Going Anywhere, You’ll Arrive ~ Milarepa

When resting evenly in meditation with the points of body, If appearances cease and you are without thoughts, These are the doings of a lethargic shamatha. But when you rouse yourself with mindfulness, It’s like a candle, self-luminous and shining bright, Or like a flower that’s naturally vivid and clear. Like looking with your eyes […]

Why long for the unnecessary ~ Milarepa

Toss to the winds your concern for this life, and impress on your mind the unknown time of your death. Remembering the pain of samsara, why long for the unnecessary? Milarepa

Song of Samsara ~ Milarepa

When you are young and vigorous You never think of old age coming, But it approaches slow and sure Like a seed growing underground. When you are strong and healthy You never think of sickness coming, But it descends with sudden force Like a stroke of lightning. When involved in worldly things You never think […]

The fruit of dharma practice ~ Milarepa

My fear and doubts have vanished like mist into the distance, never to disturb me again. I will die content and free from regrets. This is the fruit of dharma practice. Milarepa

No regret ~ Milarepa

My religion is to live and die without regret. Milarepa

Distractions and drowsiness ~ Milarepa

The ultimate practice is not to consider Distractions and drowsiness as faults. Doing so to stave them off is like Kindling a lamp in bright daylight. Milarepa

Study your mind ~ Milarepa

I study my mind and therefore all appearances are my texts. Milarepa

In the monastery of your heart ~ Milarepa

In the monastery of your heart and body, you have a temple where all buddhas unite. Milarepa

Meditate with perseverance ~ Milarepa

Realization does not arise out of words. Understanding does not come from mere suggestions. I urge all those who work for enlightenment To meditate with perseverance and effort. Endurance and effort overcome the greatest of difficulties. May there be no obstacles for those who seek enlightenment. Milarepa

Preconceptions ~ Milarepa

Just as fog is dispelled by the strength of the sun and is dispelled no other way, preconception is cleared by the strength of realization. There’s no other way of clearing preconceptions. Experience them as baseless dreams. Experience them as ephemeral bubbles. Experience them as insubstantial rainbows. Experience them as indivisible space. Milarepa

Five ways to rest the mind in meditation ~ Milarepa

Rest in a natural way like a small child. Rest like an ocean without waves. Rest within clarity like a candle flame. Rest without self-concerns like a human corpse. Rest unmoving like a mountain. Milarepa

Beyond good and evil ~ Milarepa

Comprehending beyond good and evil opens the way to perfect skill. Experiencing the dissolution of duality, you embrace the highest view. Milarepa

In the realm of mind essence ~ Milarepa

Veiled by ignorance, The minds of man and Buddha Appear to be different; Yet in the realm of Mind Essence They are both of one taste. Sometimes they will meet each other In the great Dharmadhatu. Milarepa

This wish-granting gem of moderation ~ Milarepa

All the wealth you’ve acquired from beginningless time until now has failed to fulfill all your desires. Cultivate therefore this wish-granting gem of moderation, O fortunate ones. Milarepa

The Eight Reminders ~ Milarepa

Castles and crowded cities are the places Where now you love to stay; But remember that they will fall in ruins After you have departed from this earth. Pride and vainglory are the lure Which now you love to follow; But remember, when you are about to die They offer you no shelter and no […]

Human expectations ~ Milarepa

If one stays too long with friends They will soon tire of him; Living in such closeness leads to dislike and hate. It is but human to expect and demand too much When one dwells too long in companionship. Milarepa

Maintaining pure discipline ~ Milarepa

To maintain pure discipline, Is to do away with pretense and concealment. Milarepa

Song on the Six Perfections ~ Milarepa

For generosity, nothing to do, Other than stop fixating on self. For morality, nothing to do, Other than stop being dishonest. For patience, nothing to do, Other than not fear what is ultimately true. For effort, nothing to do, Other than practice continuously. For meditative stability, nothing to do, Other than rest in presence. For […]

You yourself ~ Milarepa

To probe deep into your roots The ignorance and confusion are you yourself. The preconceptions which are yourself Are envoys and agents sent by yourself. Milarepa