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Just this ~ Naropa

This mind that knows emptiness Is itself the awakened mind, bodhichitta. The buddha potential is just this. The sugata essence is just this. Because of tasting what is, It is also the great bliss. The understanding of Secret Mantra is just this. Means and knowledge are just this. The vast and profound is just this. […]

Unconstructed self -knowing ~ Naropa

Mind is neither existent nor nonexistent, Since each of these [constructs] is negated. It is also not both, Since existing and not existing are a contradiction. It is not a living being Nor other than living beings. Therefore, it is free from all constructs. This is how I have established the ultimate: “Mind is based […]

Letting it be without seeking ~ Naropa

When speaking of Mahamudra, It is not an identity that can be shown. Therefore the mind’s suchness Is itself the state of Mahamudra. It is neither something to be corrected nor transformed, But when anyone sees and realizes its nature All that appears and exists is Mahamudra, The great and all-encompassing dharmakaya. Naturally and without […]

No more questions ~ Naropa

One need ask no more when the true nature is seen. Naropa

Samsara ~ Naropa

The mind, deluded by the appearance of samsara, Sees the faults of others with the senses. It is darkened by the prison of samsara; It is made intolerable by the fire of samsara; It is caught in the spider web of samsara; It is stuck in samsara as the bee is in nectar; It is […]