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Until beings pass beyond saṃsāra’s pain ~ Shantideva

May I be an isle for those desiring landfall, And a lamp for those who wish for light, May I be a bed for those who need to rest, And a servant for all who live in need. May I become a wishing jewel, a magic vase, A powerful mantra and a medicine of wonder. […]

May those who insult me ~ Shantideva

May those who insult me to my face, Or cause me harm in any other way, Even those who disparage me in secret, Have the good fortune to awaken. Shantideva

See the difference ~ Shantideva

Is there need for lengthy explanation? Childish beings look out for themselves, While Buddhas labor for the good of others. See the difference that divides them! Shantideva

First I shall examine my mind ~ Shantideva

Whenever I wish to move, Or to speak, First I shall examine my mind, And firmly act in a suitable way. Whenever my mind becomes attached, Or angry, I shall not act, nor shall I speak. I shall remain like a piece of wood. Shantideva

But in Their Ignorance ~ Shantideva

Beings long to free themselves from misery, But misery itself they race to catch. They long for joy, but in their ignorance, Destroy it, as they would a hated enemy. Shantideva

Should I serve my defiled emotions ~ Shantideva

All other foes that I appease and wait upon, Will show me favors, give me every aid. But should I serve my dark, defiled emotions, They will only harm me, draw me down to grief. Shantideva

Forervermore ~ Shantideva

All other virtues are like the plantain tree: They bear their fruit, and then they are no more. Yet constantly the marvellous tree of bodhicitta Yields fruit and, undiminished, grows forevermore. Shantideva

Source of joy and suffering ~ Shantideva

Whatever joy there is in this world All comes from desiring others to be happy, And whatever suffering there is in this world All comes from desiring myself to be happy. Shantideva

Our pain is self-inflicted ~ Shantideva

We who are like senseless children shrink from suffering, but love its causes. We hurt ourselves; our pain is self-inflicted! Why should others be the object of our anger? Shantideva

Not be seen again ~ Shantideva

My foes will become nothing. My friends will become nothing. I, too, will become nothing. Likewise, all will become nothing. Just like a dream experience, Whatever things I enjoy Will become a memory. Whatever has passed will not be seen again. Shantideva

Training ~ Shantideva

There’s nothing that does not grow light Through habit and familiarity. Putting up with little cares I’ll train myself to bear with great adversity. Shantideva

Precious human life ~ Shantideva

So hard to find such ease and wealth Whereby to render meaningful this human birth! If now I fail to turn it to my profit, How could such a chance be mine again? Shantideva

Dedication ~ Shantideva

May all beings everywhere Plagued by sufferings of body and mind Obtain an ocean of happiness and joy By virtue of my merits. May no living creature suffer, Commit evil or ever fall ill. May no one be afraid or belittled, With a mind weighed down by depression. May the blind see forms, And the […]

Artificial like the mirror image ~ Shantideva

What arises through the meeting of conditions And ceases to exist when these are lacking, Is artificial like the mirror image; How can true existence be ascribed to it? Shantideva

Doing nothing other than benefiting ~ Shantideva

One should do nothing other than what is directly or indirectly of benefit to living beings. Shantideva

From then on ~ Shantideva

From the moment we genuinely take up This irreversible attitude — The mind that aspires to liberate entirely The infinite realms of beings, From then on, even while asleep, Or during moments of inattention, A plentiful, unceasing force of merit Will arise, equal to the vastness of the sky. Shantideva

Such is bodhicitta ~ Shantideva

Those who wish to crush the many sorrows of existence, Who wish to quell the pain of living beings, Who wish to have experience of a myriad joys Should never turn away from bodhichitta. Should bodhichitta come to birth In those who suffer, chained in prisons of samsara, In that instant they are called the […]

Wishing to put an end to others’ sorrows ~ Shantideva

Those who long to triumph over life’s distress, And who wish to put an end to others’ sorrows, Those who seek to experience abundant joys — Let them never turn their backs on bodhicitta. Shantideva

Restraining this mind of mine ~ Shantideva

Where would I possibly find enough leather With which to cover the surface of the earth? But (just) leather on the soles of my shoes Is equivalent to covering the earth with it. Likewise it is not possible for me To restrain the external course of things But should I restrain this mind of mine […]

As long as space exists ~ Shantideva

For as long as space exists And sentient beings endure, May I too remain, To dispel the misery of the world. Shantideva