Post-meditation is the real practice ~ Ringu Tulku

The time you practise on your cushion is just an exercise. The real practice is when you are not on your cushion. Sometimes that is called ‘post-meditation’, but it is the real life. The practice that you do on your cushion needs, therefore, to affect how you react, how you do things and how you carry yourself, in your daily life.

Post-meditation is the real practice. And there you should be able to connect, even a little bit, with the practice you do on your cushion. Remaining a little bit mindful of what is going on, what you are doing, with your body, speech and mind. Or wishing well to others, remembering to send a little bit of healing light from your heart if you see someone in a difficult situation. Or remembering Tara and sending a little bit of blessing to someone. When this happens, then your life becomes very much affected by your practice. Eventually so much so, that even in your dreams, you can act like this. Then you know your practice has gone deeper into yourself. And this is the important thing.

Ringu Tulku

from the book White Tara: Healing Light of Wisdom

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