Samatha and vipassana ~ Pa-Auk Sayadaw

There are two types of meditation, namely, samatha and vipassana. Samatha is the development of concentration. Vipassana is the development of wisdom. Of these two, samatha is the important foundation of vipassana. Therefore, in the Khandha Vagga Samyutta and Sacca Samyutta, the Buddha said: ‘Samadhim bhikkhave bhavetha, samahito bhikkhave bhikkhu yathabhutam pajanati.’ The meaning is: ‘Bhikkhus, you should cultivate concentration. Bhikkhus, if you have enough concentration, you can understand phenomena as they really are.’ So beginners are encouraged to first practise samatha to develop deep and powerful concentration. Then they can practise vipassana and see phenomena in their real essence.

Pa-Auk Sayadaw