The nectar-like truth I have realized ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

Profound, peaceful, stainless, lucid, and unconditioned‍ —
Such is the nectar-like truth I have realized.
Were I to teach it, no one would understand,
So I will silently remain in the forest.

I have discovered the supremely sublime and astonishing absolute,
The ineffable state, untainted by language,
Suchness, the sky-like nature of phenomena,
Completely free of discursive, conceptual movement.

This meaning cannot be understood through words;
Rather it is comprehended through reaching their limit.
Yet when sentient beings, whom previous victorious ones took under their care,
Hear about this truth, they develop confidence in it.

Buddha Shakyamuni

Lalita­vistara Sutra, Chapter 25, verse 3-5

translated by Dharmachakra Translation Committee


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