The yogin of true reality ~ Maitripa

Buddhists take true reality
To be free from permanence and nihilism;
To engage in affirmation and exclusion,
When it comes to naturally arisen phenomena—this is the talk of fools.

To those who claim that there is existence, we say
That, upon analysis, nothing exists.
To those who claim that there is no existence, we say
That, when no analysis is done, everything exists.

In whatever manner superimpositions
Present themselves to the yogin of true reality,
In like manner, superimpositions
Are destroyed by the yogin of true reality.


Sahajaṣaṭka - The Six Verses on the Coemergent, verse 1-3

from the book Maitripa: India's Yogi of Nondual Bliss

translated by Klaus-Dieter Mathes

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