Until beings pass beyond saṃsāra’s pain ~ Shantideva

May I be an isle for those desiring landfall,
And a lamp for those who wish for light,
May I be a bed for those who need to rest,
And a servant for all who live in need.

May I become a wishing jewel, a magic vase,
A powerful mantra and a medicine of wonder.
May I be a tree of miracles granting every wish,
And a cow of plenty sustaining all the world.

Like the earth and other great elements,
And like space itself, may I remain forever,
To support the lives of boundless beings,
By providing all that they might need.

Just so, in all the realms of beings,
As far as space itself pervades,
May I be a source of all that life requires,
Until beings pass beyond saṃsāra’s pain.


Bodhicaryāvatāra, Chapter 3

translated by Adam Pearcey

source: https://www.lotsawahouse.org/indian-masters/shantideva/bodhicharyavatara-3

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