Although ~ Padmasambhava

Although your realization is equal to that of the buddhas’, make offerings to the Three Jewels. Although you have gained mastery over your mind, direct your innermost aims towards the Dharma. Although the nature of the Great Perfection is supreme, don’t disparage other teachings.

Although you have realized that buddhas and sentient beings are equal, embrace all beings with compassion. Although the paths and bhumis are beyond training and journeying, don’t forsake purifying your obscurations through Dharma activities. Although the accumulations are beyond gathering, don’t sever the roots of conditioned virtue.

Although your mind lies beyond birth and death, this illusory body does die, so practice while remembering death. Although you experience dharmata free from thought, maintain the attitude of bodhichitta. Although you have attained the fruition of dharmakaya, keep company with your yidam deity.

Although dharmakaya is not some other place, seek the true meaning. Although buddhahood is not anywhere else, dedicate any virtue you create towards unexcelled enlightenment. Although everything experienced is original wakefulness, don’t let your mind stray into samsara.

Although your mind essence is the awakened one, always worship the deity and your master. Although you have realized the nature of the Great Perfection, don’t abandon your yidam deity. Those who, instead of doing this, speak foolishly
with boastful words only damage the Three Jewels and will find not even an instant of happiness.


from the book Advice from the Lotus-Born

translated by Erik Pema Kunsang

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