As the dharma takes over ~ Tenzin Palmo

If we are serious about becoming the masters of our minds and emotions, instead of the slaves of our minds and emotions, if we are really serious about leading a life which will be of benefit for ourselves and others, we have to become selective. We cannot do everything in this lifetime. We cannot spend our nights in the discos and then get up at 5am to do our practice – well we could but it wouldn’t work very well. We have to decide in our lives what is really of importance to us and what is not. And simplify, that is renunciation…As the dharma takes over, the wonder of the dharma takes over our life more and more, so we lose interest in other things which previously had seemed so important to us. It’s like in the spring and the summer when the trees are in full blossom, if you try to pull the leaves from the tree, there’s a resistence because the leaves dont want to come. But in autumn, they naturally just fall, getting ready for new growth.

Tenzin Palmo


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