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The nectar-like truth I have realized ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

Profound, peaceful, stainless, lucid, and unconditioned‍ — Such is the nectar-like truth I have realized. Were I to teach it, no one would understand, So I will silently remain in the forest. I have discovered the supremely sublime and astonishing absolute, The ineffable state, untainted by language, Suchness, the sky-like nature of phenomena, Completely free […]

Dreamlike ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

My dreamlike form Appeared to dreamlike beings To show them the dreamlike path That leads to dreamlike enlightenment. Buddha Shakyamuni

Fruit is born of every act ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

When the time arrives — even if A hundred eons pass — Fruit is born of every act That sentient beings amass. Buddha Shakyamuni

Developing clarity and the ability to help others ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

You should inquire deeply and directly into the distress of the mind and find out what has been created and who is the self that is suffering. Without this understanding, you can’t develop clarity and the ability to help others. A person may be expert at undoing knots, but if he never sees that there […]

See all causative phenomena like this ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

A star, a defective view, the butter lamp flame, an illusion, a dew drop, or a water bubble, a dream, lightning, a cloud — see all causative phenomena like this. Buddha Shakyamuni

Inconceivability ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

You should see form like a man blind from birth, hear sounds as if they were echoes, smell scents as if they were like wind, experience tastes without any discrimination, touch tangible objects without there being in gnosis any contact, and know things with the consciousness of an illusory creature. That which is without a […]

Everything is produced from fantasies ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

Beautiful forms are just like a mass of foam, Feelings are just like bubbles, Perceptions are like mirages, Conditioning is like the soft plantain tree, And consciousness is just like an illusion. Everything is produced from fantasies And from the nonexistent imaginings of a fool. Buddha Shakyamuni

Continuous stream of virtue ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

From this time until the essence of enlightenment is reached, may the virtues of my body, speech, and mind continue as unceasingly as a stream. In whatever life I might be born, may I possess magnificent happiness and joy, and attain the ability and power to work for the benefit of all sentient beings. That […]

The Three Bodhies ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

The dharmakāya remains the same nature for all the buddhas. The saṃbhogakāya remains the same meditative absorption for all the buddhas. The nirmāṇakāya remains the same awakened activity for all the buddhas. Buddha Shakyamuni

Such is the bodhisattvas’ expertise ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

Bodhisattvas comprehend exactly which teachings lead to the attainments of a stream enterer, a once-returner, a non-returner, and a worthy one who has exhausted defilement. They know which teachings sever the ties of existence, dissolve the processes of continued existence, and truly deliver the transcendence of suffering. Likewise, they know exactly which teachings lead to […]

Like a dewdrop on a blade of grass ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

All things move and change and are impermanent like clouds; They may be likened to a flash of lightning. They are like a dewdrop on a blade of grass, and deceptive like an empty fist; They have no essence and no self, and lack intrinsic existence in every way. Buddha Shakyamuni

Then ends rebirth ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

Through not seeing the Four Noble truths Long was the weary path from birth to birth. When these are known, removed is rebirth’s cause, The root of sorrow plucked; then ends rebirth. Buddha Shakyamuni

Depending Arising ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

Bubbles and foam Arise from turbulent waters, Arising in dependence on causes and circumstances, But with no agent to bring them about. In just the same way, Names and forms arise from actions. They stem only from causes, But have no agent to bring them about. Buddha Shakyamuni

Realizing the nature of mind ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

If you realize the nature of mind, you have already become a buddha. There is no need to seek buddha elsewhere. Buddha Shakyamuni

Yearning for the Dharma ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

Beings who yearn for the Dharma And generate effort for the sake of the Dharma are rare. Anyone who makes the wheel of Dharma turn Will attain supreme wisdom. Buddha Shakyamuni

Like Mirages ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

Like mirages and cities of gandharvas, Illusions and dreams, all characteristics you entertain are empty of any essence. Know all phenomena are this way. Buddha Shakyamuni

Purifiers of beings ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

Whenever bodhisattva great beings manifest, it will be in order to purify beings. They teach them the Dharma in accordance with their inclinations. They cut through the cravings of those who are tormented by craving. They clear away the suffering of those tormented by pain. Knowing all phenomena to be insubstantial and knowing them to […]

It is unable to be known ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

Whoever sees me as form, whoever knows me as sound, has wrongly engaged by abandoning, those beings do not see me. The buddhas are dharmatā viewed; the guides are the dharmakāya. Since dharmatā is not to be known, it is unable to be known. Buddha Shakyamuni

As a water bead on a lotus leaf ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

As a water bead on a lotus leaf, as water on a red lily, does not adhere, so the sage does not adhere to the seen, the heard, or the sensed. Buddha Shakyamuni

View all the compounded like that ~ Buddha Shakyamuni

As a star, a visual aberration, a lamp, an illusion, dew, a bubble, a dream, lightning, and a cloud – view all the compounded like that. Buddha Shakyamuni