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To be truly happy ~ Khenpo Gangshar

From time to time, contemplate the karmic law of cause and effect; take the suffering of others upon yourself, and offer whatever comfort and virtue you may have to others. In the practice of the giving and taking of happiness and suffering, difficulty isn’t to be rejected, nor comfort sought. Simply relax. To be without […]

Distraction is simply mind ~ Khenpo Gangshar

Distraction is simply mind; as are like and dislike, hope and fear, good and bad, and clean and dirty — whenever you experience them adhere to cause and effect, be careful, and keep a low profile. Don’t be frivolous or vulgar, but be in harmony with those around you, letting all emotions and attitudes of […]

See if you can bear sufferings ~ Khenpo Gangshar

Measure yourself against the various stages of the path; see if you can bear sufferings such as illness, being undermined, and despised. To be unable to do so is to be ordinary, a sign you have not completed the path. Khenpo Gangshar

Free from the fear of death ~ Khenpo Gangshar

The more precisely you adhere to cause and effect, the more your selfishness and self-grasping will diminish, and the more your obsession with pleasure and pain or desire and hatred will decline as well. To be altogether free from the fear of death is a sign that your efforts at practice have been worthwhile. Khenpo […]

How wonderful ~ Khenpo Gangshar

Within, awareness should be unbridled and free, Without, there shouldn’t be any grasping at appearances. In the absence of outer and inner, all is utterly transparent — To be free of like and dislike: how wonderful! Khenpo Gangshar