Has your mind changed ~ Lama Yeshe

Buddhism places prime importance on personal experimentation, putting Dharma methods into action and assessing the effect they have on our minds: Do these methods help? Has your mind changed or is it just as uncontrolled as it ever was? Buddhism works by giving you ideas that you can check out in your own experience to see if they’re true. And this method of checking the mind is called meditation. The Buddha himself said, “Belief is not important. Don’t believe what I say just because I said it.” These were basically his dying words. “I have taught many different methods because there are many different individuals. Before you embrace them, use your wisdom to check that they fit your psychological make-up, your own mind. If my methods seem to make sense and work for you, by all means adopt them. But if you don’t relate to them, even though they might sound wonderful, leave them be. They were taught for somebody else.

Lama Yeshe

from the book When the Chocolate Runs Out

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