Our life is mind ~ Sakya Trizin

How do we come to understand that our life is mind? There are many examples of how to realise this. One important example is that of the dream. In our dreams, we have many experiences and, while we’re dreaming, it feels as real as this life. We can see colours, shapes, everything, and it can have an effect on our mind. If it is a happy dream, we enjoy it, and our mind is happy.

Actually, there’s no difference between our dreams and the life that we are living. It is we who experience the dreams, and it is we who experience this life. There is no difference between the dream and the present life. The only difference is that our normal life is influenced by very strong propensities while our dreams are not so strongly affected by them. But it’s actually all the same.

Sakya Trizin

source: http://www.hhthesakyatrizin.org/pdfs/teach_mind_2.pdf

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