Recognition of the nature of mind ~ Tai Situ Rinpoche

Another thing is meditation. For people who are beginners, to directly recognize the nature of mind is a little bit difficult because it is always there but there is no thing to recognize. Actually we always recognize it, but we don’t recognize that we recognize it because it is so easy, therefore it is difficult. So as beginners we need something. First we say the refuge prayer, sincerely, with full devotion, and we say bodhisattva prayers with full compassion. Then right after saying these prayers, with full devotion and compassion, temporarily our mind is free of defilements and is the embodiment of compassion and devotion at that time. To remain in that and observe that, to maintain that, is connecting with the recognition of the nature of mind. Then of course, afterwards, the real recognition of the nature of mind is as it is. Not devotion, not compassion, not any thing, but as it is.

Seeing the primordial, ever-present, ultimate primordial wisdom, even for a moment, will purify eons of karma. Therefore it is great virtue.

Tai Situ Rinpoche

from the book Nectar of Dharma: The Sacred Advice, Volume Three

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