The Aspiration of Yeshe Tsogyal, revealed by Pema Ledrel Tsal ~ Yeshe Tsogyal

E Ma Ho

Through the merit we have accumulated in the three times
May demons, obstacles and opposing forces be pacified.
May we have long life without sickness
And may we practice the Dharma in happiness and well-being.

By the power of practicing the Dharma with devotion
May the teachings of the Buddha spread and flourish.
By establishing samsaric sentient beings in happiness
May the wishes of the holy gurus be fulfilled.

Through the guru’s kindness may we,
All Dharma brothers and sisters,
Be free from the kleshas of anger and attachment.
Endowed with the splendor of the three vows of pure discipline
May we increase the qualities of experience and realization.

By the wisdom of realizing mahamudra
May we benefit whoever we meet.
Together with all our followers may we enjoy the unconditioned great bliss,
And be guided to the lotus arrayed realm.

In that supreme and sacred blissful realm,
May we be one with the stainless victorious body
Of the guru of the three kayas, Orgyen Padma,
And realize the dharmakaya that benefits us.

Through the compassion that benefits others, until samsara is emptied,
May we tame beings by teaching in whatever way is necessary.
May we work for the benefit of all through rupakaya manifestations.
May we accomplish the benefit of beings by stirring the depths of samsara.

The three kayas inseparable, samsara and nirvana totally freed,
Unfabricated, spontaneously present, luminous and unformed,
The body of the vajra holder, changeless throughout the three times,
May this omniscient and complete enlightenment be swiftly attained.

Yeshe Tsogyal

from the book Perfect Clarity

translated by Pema Kunsang

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