The seventh paramita ~ Tenzin Palmo

I say that a sense of humour is the seventh paramita or the seventh spiritual quality on the path, because one of the problems of newcomers on the spiritual path is that we tend to take ourselves too seriously. Then, it all becomes too intense, and we become all very critical of both ourselves and of others. So, therefore, it is important to laugh enough in life, to have a sense of humour about ourselves and about the whole situation. Don’t take it too seriously. That doesn’t mean that we are not sincere, but we shouldn’t be too serious about the whole thing. We should keep a sense of proportion because otherwise, the ego takes over. And the ego is a very stern task master. And it all becomes too intense, and just too heavy, too serious. So, laugh enough. Lamas love to laugh. I think this is the sign of a good guru. They love to laugh and are not too rigid.

Tenzin Palmo


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