Advice for Beginners ~ Mipham Rinpoche

Kyeho! All activities within samsara are pointless and hollow —
Unreliable and fleeting, like lightning’s streaking dance,
And there is no certainty as to when death will strike.

Still, since death is certain, limit idle plans and speculations
Allow the teacher’s instructions to hit home and strike a chord,
And, single-pointedly, in solitude, seek perfect certainty of mind.

Mind, which is like lightning, a breeze, or passing clouds,
Is coloured by its various thoughts of everything under the sun,
But when examined thoroughly is found to lack a basis or origin.

Just like a mirage on the horizon, it is devoid of essential nature.
While being empty, it appears; and while appearing, it is empty.

Left to settle, naturally, by itself, mind arrives at a genuine state of ease,
And, when familiarity grows stable, mind’s natural condition is seen.

If devotion to the teacher grows vast, blessings will enter and inspire the mind,
And when accumulations are gathered and obscurations purified, realization will dawn —
So take this practice to heart, carefully and with constant effort!

Mipham Rinpoche

translated by Adam Pearcey


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