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In every action ~ Jigme Lingpa

My perceptions have become like those of a baby. I even enjoy playing with children. When I encounter people with serious shortcomings, I throw their personal faults in their faces, even if they are respected spiritual leaders or generous Dharma patrons. In every action of sitting, walking, sleeping, or eating, I secure my mind [in […]

Spiritual wealth ~ Jigme Lingpa

The merit of being led by a sublime being is beyond comparison, far better than the merit of kings and queens. Even if you may not always practice, if you have a constant wish to practice and a constant concern about not being able to practice, you are far wealthier than the most materially successful […]

Bodhicitta ~ Jigme Lingpa

For buddhahood, the goal to be achieved, The supreme instrument is bodhichitta, Gained through four unbounded attitudes. And as this wondrous chariot makes its way In aspiration and in action, it causes the inferior view, the wish for one’s own peace, to wane. Jigme Lingpa

The root of practice is renunciation ~ Jigme Lingpa

Amazing! These precious freedoms and endowments are rare as a daytime star; even when found, like a candle flame in the wind, they could vanish in an instant! Pondering this, most people seem like mad sea captains. The root of practice is renunciation. So if you don’t use the key points of mind training to […]

The Six Paramitas ~ Jigme Lingpa

Transcendent generosity is found in contentment; Its essence is simply letting go. Discipline is not to displease the Three Jewels. The best patience is unfailing mindfulness and awareness. Diligence is needed to sustain all the other perfections. Concentration is to experience as deities all the appearances to which one clings. Wisdom is the self-liberation of […]

Diligence ~ Jigme Lingpa

No intelligence, no power, no wealth or strength can help someone without diligence – he is like a boatman whose boat has everything but oars. Jigme Lingpa

The Four Immeasurables ~ Jigme Lingpa

Love means wishing for the happiness of others. Like a loving mother cherishing her child, One’s body, wealth, and virtue all amassed one gives for others’ benefit, While training to endure the harms that they inflict. Compassion is a powerful state of mind, An inability to tolerate the fact that others suffer. Beings in the […]

Awareness is like the light of the new moon ~ Jigme Lingpa

Awareness does not engage with objects of the ordinary mind. It is “self-cognizing primordial wisdom.” This can be illustrated by the “light” of the new moon: a profoundly indwelling luminosity, which does not radiate outward. Therefore, despite the fact that the five primordial wisdoms are spontaneously present in awareness, the latter is without thoughts related […]

Others cannot be blamed ~ Jigme Lingpa

Before an incident is over and what has happened cannot be changed, it must be instantly remembered: »These harmful beings are controlled by passions. If I did not exist, there would be no cause for them to harm me, because when there is no object to harm, how can there be anyone who harms? The […]

Naked radiant awareness itself ~ Jigme Lingpa

The location of the truth of the Great Perfection is the unfabricated mind of the present moment, this naked radiant awareness itself, not a hair of which has been forced into relaxation. Maintaining this at all times, just through not forgetting it even in the states of eating, sleeping, walking, and sitting, is called meditation. […]

Those who are clever only with words ~ Jigme Lingpa

Those who dispute intellectually, who are eager to insult other doctrines, who are clever only with words, or who refrain from only a single false activity, such as keeping their celibacy mainly out of false pride, are only protecting their vows up to the first layer of foreskin. With their own words and the ego […]

Using whatever occurs as the path ~ Jigme Lingpa

If the meditator is able to use whatever occurs in his life as the path, his body becomes a retreat hut. Jigme Lingpa