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Leave mind unfabricated ~ Padampa Sangye

Don’t take outer appearances inside! Don’t project inner conceptions outside! Don’t enslave body to mind! Don’t occupy mind with body! Don’t attend to view or meditation! Leave mind unfabricated, just where it is! Padampa Sangye

The faults within ~ Padampa Sangye

You say such clever things to people, but don’t apply them to yourself; People of Tingri, the faults within you are the ones to be exposed. Padampa Sangye

And then gently relax ~ Padampa Sangye

Outwardly, relax clinging to objects! Inwardly, give up clinging to the body! Secretly, loosen clinging to mind! Tighten with intensity, and then gently relax! The tightening is the method, and the loosening is the wisdom! Introduction to the nature of mind by the Lama is like that, as well! Padampa Sangye

Right here beside you ~ Padampa Sangye

If you aspire to happiness in future, accept your present trials; People of Tingri – then Buddhahood is right here just beside you. Padampa Sangye

Precious human life ~ Padampa Sangye

If you spend the present meaninglessly and leave with empty hands, People of Tingri, a human life in the future will be very hard to find. Padampa Sangye

There is never any time to spare ~ Padampa Sangye

The day you were born, your death began approaching; People of Tingri, remember: there is never any time to spare. Padampa Sangye

The mind is free of any true reality ~ Padampa Sangye

The root of both samsara and nirvana is to be found within your mind; People of Tingri, the mind is free of any true reality. Padampa Sangye

You won’t live forever ~ Padampa Sangye

Your flesh and bones took form together, but in the end are sure to separate; People of Tingri, do not believe that you will live forever. Padampa Sangye

Nothing to be gained or lost ~ Padampa Sangye

Thoughts come and go like a thief in an empty house – People of Tangri, in fact there is nothing to be gained or lost. Padampa Sangye

Contemplating the defects of samsara ~ Padampa Sangye

Think from time to time of all the defects of samsara; People of Tingri, that will make your faith become much clearer. Padampa Sangye

Happiness and suffering ~ Padampa Sangye

Happiness and suffering, through a mechanism like the sounding of a lute’s body and strings, People of Tingri, are produced when actions are combined with necessary conditions. Padampa Sangye

Abandon negative friendships ~ Padampa Sangye

Frequenting evil friends is bound to make your own behavior evil; People of Tingri, abandon any friendships that are negative. Padampa Sangye

Have you prepared yourselves a boat ~ Padampa Sangye

Birth, sickness, ageing and death flow on, a river without ford or bridge; People of Tingri, have you prepared yourselves a boat? Padampa Sangye

You will have to go ~ Padampa Sangye

Just as worn-out clothes can never again be made as new, It’s no use seeing a doctor once you’re terminally ill; You’ll have to go. We humans living on this earth Are like streams and rivers flowing toward the ocean – All living beings are heading for that single destination. Now, like a small bird […]

Actions arising from anger ~ Padampa Sangye

You don’t understand that a moment’s action arising from anger is worse than a hundred actions arising from desire. Padampa Sangye

The union of clarity and emptiness ~ Padampa Sangye

Clarity and emptiness united are like the moon reflecting in water; People of Tingri, there is nothing to be attached to and nothing to impede. Padampa Sangye

Free of being caught by anything at all ~ Padampa Sangye

In a state of emptiness, whirl the spear of pure awareness; People of Tingri, the view is free of being caught by anything at all. Padampa Sangye

Don’t go on following the past ~ Padampa Sangye

Habitual tendencies, being old acquaintances, keep on coming back; People of Tingri, don’t go on following the past. Padampa Sangye