Praying at all times for the sake of all beings ~ Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

At all times, again and again, we should make vast prayers for the sake of all beings.
When falling asleep we should think,
‘May all beings achieve the absolute state’;
when waking up,
‘May all beings awake into the enlightened state’;
when getting up,
‘May all beings obtain the body of the Buddha’;
when putting on clothes,
‘May all beings have modesty and sense of shame’;
when lighting a fire,
‘May all beings burn the wood of disturbing emotions’;
when eating,
‘May all beings eat the food of concentration’;
when opening a door,
‘May all beings ope the door to the city of liberation’;
when closing a door,
‘May all beings close the door to lower realms’;
when going outside,
‘May I set out on the path to free all beings’;
when walking uphill,
‘May I take all beings to the higher realms’;
when walking downhill,
‘May I go to free beings from lower realms’;
when seeing happiness,
‘May all beings achieve the happiness of Buddhahood’;
when seeing suffering,
‘May the suffering of all beings be pacified’.

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

quoted in the book In the Presence of Masters: Wisdom from 30 Contemporary Tibetan Buddhist Teachers

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