What makes us happy ~ 17th Karmapa

In my experience, we look down on what is ordinary and simple and are not content with it. We have the constant expectation that things should be better and more fancy, and we make things more complicated. However, in actual reality what makes us happy is simple and ordinary, in my view.

For example, it can be just breathing. Breathing is very ordinary and nothing special. But if we direct our attention to it and savour the experience, we can come to see that the simple act of breathing is absolutely amazing. The oxygen we need must come from outside us, from the plants and trees. We cannot survive without breathing; yet with absolutely no effort on our part, all the conditions we need are continually and naturally present. This is true not just for one breath, but for one after another. This alone can produce a tremendous sense of wonder, satisfaction and happiness.

17th Karmapa

Nurturing Compassion: Teachings from the First Visit to Europe

source: http://karmapafoundation.eu/kfe-publications/nurturing-compassion/

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