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Discard all lingering doubts ~ Atisha

Discard all lingering doubts, and strive with dedication in your practice. Thoroughly relinquish sloth, mental dullness, and laziness, and strive always with joyful perseverance. Atisha

Three Types of People ~ Atisha

Know that there are three types of people: Inferior, mediocre, and superior. The inferior are said to be those Who by any of the various means Strive for their own benefit To merely attain the pleasures of samsara. The mediocre are said to be those Who turn their back on samsara’s pleasures And also refrain […]

Embrace your practice with all your heart ~ Atisha

Be done with doubt and indecision, and embrace your practice with all your heart. Shake off lethargy, dullness and laziness, and strive always with enthusiasm and joy. Atisha

Compassion ~ Atisha

To be kind to those who have come from afar, to those who have been ill for a long time, or to our parents in their old age, is equivalent to meditating on emptiness of which compassion is the very essence. Atisha

Living beings and Victorious Ones alike ~ Atisha

The qualities of Buddhahood are gained Through living beings and Victorious Ones alike, Why then do we respect the Victorious Ones And not living beings in the same way? Atisha

Hidden Faults ~ Atisha

The best spiritual friend is one who attacks yours hidden faults. The best instructions are the ones that hit those faults. The best friends are mindfulness and vigilance. The best incentives are enemies, obstacles, and sufferings of illness. The best method is not to fabricate anything. Atisha