Or are we so dull? ~ Longchenpa

Happiness, hand in hand with suffering,
inexpressibly, is intrinsically present –
or are our minds too dull to notice?

The build-up of samsaric propensities,
primordially, is the pure dimension of being –
pity him who has not noticed!

In the field of sense organ, object and consciousness
every recollection and apperception, every flicker of the
arises as the dimension of perfect enjoyment –
how can we fail to see it!

All goal-oriented conventional activity
and all chatter, gossip and laughter,
is the dimension of magical emanation –
surely we all know that! Or are we so dull?

Every impulse and stirring of the mind,
seamless, like a flowing stream,
our constant mental enchantment,
is effortless, natural meditation –
surely we can’t miss that!

Looking closely at matter and energy,
and at thought, sound and form,
it is all insubstantial projection,
and this view that empties our urban samsara
has always been with us, though unseen –
surely our doors of perception are now open!


from the book Natural Perfection: Longchenpa's Radical Dzogchen

translated by Keith Dowman

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