The root of blessing ~ Thrangu Rinpoche

The first of Three Roots in the Vajrayana are the gurus, who are the root of blessing. Blessing refers to the power of the Dharma — that which in the Dharma is actually effective, which actually brings the result of the Dharma. Obviously, in practicing we need that effectiveness — the power or blessing of the Dharma — to enter into us. The original source of this blessing, of course, is the Buddha. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability in this life to meet him or hear his speech directly, but we do have the opportunity to practice his teachings and to attain the same result that we could have attained had we met the Buddha. This is possible because the essence of his teachings — and therefore the blessing or effectiveness of his teachings—has been passed down through the lineage, beginning with the Buddha himself and culminating with our own personal teacher or root guru.

Thrangu Rinpoche

from the book Medicine Buddha Teachings

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