Compassion is the root of all practice ~ 17th Karmapa

The roots of Buddhist practice are the attitude of altruism and non-harm. In other words, the roots of Buddhist practice are loving kindness and compassion. From among these two qualities, I think that compassion is foremost: in general, we develop loving kindness by relying on compassion… Our compassion must have a broad focus, not only including ourselves, but including all sentient beings… According to the Mahayana teachings, all sentient beings have been our parents in the past, some are our current parents and some will be our parents in the future. For this reason, all sentient beings have a connection of affection towards us… all of these sentient beings are individuals with whom we are connected… When our compassion becomes genuine and deep, our actions for the benefit of others will be effortless and free from doubt.

17th Karmapa

from the book Heart Advice of the Karmapa


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