Importance of meditation ~ 17th Karmapa

When we are taking up the way of dharma, so as to bring it into our own experience, we must go by way of hearing, contemplating, and meditating. […] These three are indispensable to one’s practice of the dharma. Among the three, most especially, the practice of meditation is indispensable. Why is it that meditation is so important? The true potency of practicing the dharma consists in taming the mind. If all we do is listen to the dharma and think about it from time to time, that may be beneficial, but that is not going to be sufficient in order to tame our mind. Rather, to tame the mind, we must meditate upon the dharma again and again and become deeply familiar with it. Thus, the primary factor for taming our mind is whether or not we meditate. That is why I wish to stress it and emphasize it. It is something all of us must emphasize and regard as extremely valuable and important in our practice.

17th Karmapa

from the book Heart Advice of the Karmapa

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