Having confidence and trust in ourselves and in our teacher ~ 17th Karmapa

The degree to which we are able to offer, or surrender, our body, speech, and mind to our guru depends on the amount of confidence we have in ourselves and in our teacher. Milarepa, for example, endured countless difficulties during his discipleship under Marpa. Yet for Milarepa, these experiences were beneficial because he had stable trust in himself and in Marpa. In the end, his trust and confidence became unshakable, and the happiness he achieved due to this trust became unshakable as well.

Yet not everyone can emulate Milarepa’s confidence and trust. If we simply have not yet developed stable trust, there is no sense in forcing ourselves to surrender to our teachers out of a blind sense of duty. In the end, what we are able to accomplish in our relationship with our teacher all leads back to trust.

17th Karmapa

from the book Heart Advice of the Karmapa

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