Nurturing the principle of benefiting others ~ 17th Karmapa

Put simply, to think in terms of the harm that comes to us via all sentient beings engenders hatred toward others and is based on a principal belief in selfishness. We should not think, “Oh, lots of horrible things have been done to me” and get stuck on that. Instead, if we nurture the other principle of benefiting others, then through our altruistic attitude benefit will come to ourselves too. All happiness and well-being necessarily come to us in dependence upon others. What goes around comes around, and if we do good for another, then good will come to us. This is what we should call real benefit and profit. It is very important that we place this principle in the forefront of our mind, making this kind of profit our priority and considering our long term goals in this way.

17th Karmapa

from the book Heart Advice of the Karmapa

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